First lesson – saving money as an adult

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Age does not matter, save money anytime you can

It doesn’t matter what age are you, we are sure that you want to save some money for something special you want to buy or you want to do.

Because the greatest things require a substantial amount of money, many people need to save some money from their salary or other type of income.

For example, children want to buy some games or sweets that their parents do not have the possibility to buy them and when they receive money from parents, they do not spend all of them to can buy later what they want.

Teenagers maybe want more money for going out or for holidays with friends, also they maybe want to buy new smartphones or computers.

Students need to save some money to live better in the place they live right now or to go out with their friends.

Adults need money for more important things as a house, a car or things for their children.

The conclusion is that no matter what age are you, you need to save important amount of money to do what you want. The adults’ advantage is that they have a salary and they have from where to save some money, but students or children do not have. SO, the advices will be different for each one of them: children, students and adults.

Let’s begin with adults – start taking notes

good habits when saving money

The first thing you can do is to create a deposit at a bank and set it to take for example 10% from your salary each month. To be sure that you do not use this credit card you can put some conditions. For example, you can sign to can’t access your account till you are 30-35 years old and the single moment you can access it will be in the moment when you have enough money to buy what you want or when you have a really big problem as a health problem or when you really do not have money anymore.

If you do not work with banks, you need to be a really ambitious and to know how to manage your money and instincts.

Here are some advices for this type of adult: when you receive the salary, the first step is to pay your bills. After you pay them, count them and see how much you have. After that, think about how much you need to buy food and water. If you want to save money, you need to pay attention to what you eat, because expensive food as caviar or goat meat and so on do not have to be in your calculation. For example, after you have established how much money you need for the food, if you have 100$, put 50$ away, in a letter cover for example and all the month for extra things, think that you have just 50$.

It will be hard, but if you really want to save some money for something, you will put away the entire remained sum, not only a half of it.

For students and children the advices will be in the next article!